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The 10 very best store shopping department stores in Jakarta with the reviews and good reasons
18.11.2016 09:51

Seriously, one of the best things in Jakarta are the shopping organisations. I have me personally travelled abroad and I have never noticed shopping malls therefore densely used in one town. Remember, this really is a list of 20, not a top, and it is centered solely in the experience. Right here we head out:

1 . Pondok Indah Nearby mall 8. 5/10

This is my number 1 most visited mall and it’s not with out a reason. Pondok Indah Shopping center is strategically located in the middle of a top of the line residential area of Pondok Indah. It is not one of the most luxurious shopping center in Jakarta but it is incredibly well designed and maintained, your basement feels comfortable with correct headroom meant for tall autos. The nearby mall itself comprises of 2 and a half parts. As to why 2 . 5? First, there’s PIM one particular, then there is PIM 2 which is (you actually guessed that! ) modern, and then there’s this alternatively awkward extendable called the road Gallery which will only offers food. The The particularly about PIM is that you will discover as much as some, yes 4 Starbucks store in various regions of the mall! As far as my own observation moves, PIM site visitors are mainly abundant locals out of all age groups. If you want starbucks or you’re looking for a decent shopping mall without being extremely luxurious and expensive, PIM is definitely worthwhile a go to. Tip: try to visit PIM on weekdays as it might get very packed during weekend afternoons.

Advantages: 2 movies, great meals, wide range of sellers
Cons: may get overly populated at times

installment payments on your Plaza Senayan 9/10

YAY! I’m hence excited even to write this kind of review. Sitio Senayan is certainly an early designed, high-end local mall located in very well, Senayan. Subsequent to it really is another newer mall, the Senayan City, which isnt as great and as initial as the Plaza. My spouse and i give it a 9 away of 10 for its sellers, architecture, and uniqueness. As you visit the shopping center, try to get towards the main patio right before the hour adjustments, there you will see the big Seiko time clock magically become more active, i mean being a kid, i was completely enthralled by it. This is actually the place to go should you be looking for a high-class yet exclusive high-end store shopping centre.

Pros: design, architecture, originality, high-class merchants
Cons: quite expensive

a few. Gandaria Town 7. 5/10

This is a new retail center in Gandaria which is the only person I know with IMAX 3 DIMENSIONAL cinemas in it. It is very large and it has mainly the default tenants department stores have these days such as; Expert Hardware, Consume and Eat, Lotte Mart, etc . Truly the main reason My spouse and i visit Gandaria City is perfect for its IMAX 3D theatre and that’s it. As well there’s nothing at all really particular about the mall.

Advantages: Large, IMAX cinema, wonderful basement
Downsides: Phone cannot get signal most of the time, originality (same designer as Kota Kasablanka, Senayan City, and Kuningan City)

4. Kemang Village/Lippo Shopping mall Kemang (same thing) 7/10

This is probably the most recent major shopping mall apart from Ciputra World that we have not acquired the time and definitely will to visit but. It is located in Kemang region notorious because of its bars and nightlife. Consequently don’t be surprised to find which a large ratio of Lippo Mall site visitors are not natives. It is quite unique having its own gain access to road from Antasari road which is pretty neat. My own first impression was that the whole spot is that seems more Singapore than Jakarta, which is a neat thing. The only thing that bothers me is usually that the tenants you will discover mainly English, which makes me feel as if I used to be in Westfield mall in London instead of Indonesia. Let me give you some examples; 4-storey Debenhams, Grades & Spencer, T. Meters. Lewin, Change, Accessorize and Mothercare. This mall would not be recommended for holidaymakers who would like to check out a mall in Indonesia that really feels Indonesian because Lippo Mall Kemang just does not necessarily.

Pros: Great access, exclusive styling tips including the rest room
Cons: Quite small in comparison to others, not enough local tenants (doesn’t look Indonesian)

5 various. Kuningan Metropolis 7. 5/10

I have simply visited this place when and I’m pleased to admit I’m impressed. Despite the insufficient exclusive merchants, it is very well designed. I was particularly pleased with the unusually broad sidewalk which is guarded with bollards (thank God) consequently motorcycles will not pass or park over them. It’s funny because Kuningan City is placed correct next to Ambasador Local mall which is a low-end mall where one can buy just about anything there for a lower price than in Kuningan Metropolis. So do your study there, and go next door to purchase the item at a much lower price??

Benefits: Style, rest room design, Orchard Road design sidewalk
Downsides: Lack of unique merchants

6. Grand Indonesia 9/10

This is actually the largest retail center in Indonesia and is one of the largest in Asia. That comprises of two parts, the East mall and the Western world. Trust me, the mall may not look that big externally but you can very easily get lost in it as it is huge. Even though, it is a sophisticated mall suitable for expats and Jakarta’s elites. It is also located in the cardiovascular of Central Jakarta, along the Bunderan HELLO THERE and next to Plaza Indonesia. For you car lovers, this is the place where the ultra rich go out with all their Ferraris and Lamborghinis. www.indonesiashoppingcenter.com Renters range from United kingdom fashion giants to High end traditional Indonesian outlets. If that is not enough you can visit Destino Indonesia mall or the FORMER MATE lifestyle shopping mall which are right next to Grand Indonesia.

Pros: Uber-luxurious, a lot to check out, very large
Drawbacks: confusing to navigate pertaining to first time visitors

7. FOREX Sudirman 7/10

The only purpose I’m placing this at the top 10 is because of it has an inside slide in the top level to the lower side level which is ridiculously AWESOME! Apart from that the mall is usually not big at all and there’s not much to see. However it is distinctively designed which is a good place to hangout after work or perhaps school.

Positives: Indoor go, great design
Cons: Very small

8. Ratu Plaza 7/10

I shouldn’t be putting this inside my best 20 because it’s not really a proper shopping mall with wide range of features. It’s similar to a computer nearby mall where you can obtain exclusive items such as Razer gaming instruments and Alienware laptops. It is very popular with Indonesians along with expats who are looking for particular computer-related products. On the top floors they also have any especially allotted for selling pirated DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video games. This place is not for you who values copyright control.

Pros: Unique items
Downsides: Ugly cellar, small

hunting for. Kota Kasablanka 7. 5/10

This shopping mall is relatively different and has suspiciously identical styling about Gandaria Town (probably since they are made by a similar guys). It is far from an extremely luxurious mall and it is quite large. Yet , the sellers are very general and not unconventional;. Thus the only reason I was able to think of to check out it more than once is because you live or job near it.

Pros: Large, nice tower system design
Downsides: Styling (similar to Gandaria City)

12. Pacific Place 9/10

This is one of my favourite shopping zones in Jakarta. It is situated at the Sudirman Central Business District or perhaps SCBD for short in fact it is one of the best location in Jakarta as well. The shopping center is easy to navigate since almost everything in the mall involves a huge primary atrium. It is very large and it possibly has type of an indoor theme park for children (Kidzania) which can just be found generally there. You can also find the Galeries LaFayette which consumes more than some floors and is the only outlet in Asia and one of four in the world (the others are in Paris, Koeln and Dubai).

Pros: Great location, amazing basement, easy to navigate, has the only Lafayette outlet in Asia
Cons: Uncheap


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